The International Brotherhood of Ironyworkers Union

By lex, on September 14th, 2011

State unions protested in force in response to Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s actions to limit collective bargaining rights for public sector employees, stop automatic deduction of union dues from payroll payments and allow members to opt out, saying that the governor’s reforms were anti-labor.

Those reforms having passed after some prolonged theatrical kabuki that included state legislators absconding across the border, the Wisconsin Education Association Council just laid off 40% of its workforce:

WEAC Executive Director Dan Burkhalter said Monday that the layoffs and budget cuts are based on a projected loss of revenue as a result of Gov. Scott Walker’s “union-busting legislation.”

Burkhalter said WEAC’s membership decreased because of extra retirements last year and districts limiting their hiring of new employees this year.

He said the cuts were not related to any prediction that there would be a further drop in membership as a result of the upcoming re-certification elections for local unions around the state.

Faced with budgetary pressures and declining revenues, the WEAC made a business decision to cut headcount. For the workers!

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