Posted by Lex, on September 24, 2010


You’ve got some ‘splaining to do… *

Back story here:

Two Navy helicopters from North Island Naval Air Station were damaged, and their pilots are now grounded, after some bizarre flying over Lake Tahoe last week.

A Navy spokesman confirmed Thursday that a video posted on YouTube is genuine footage of two MH-60 Romeo helicopters from North Island’s Helicopter Maritime Strike 41 squadron.

The video shows the $33 million helicopters flying low over the lake. One seems to lose control, spinning and crashing into the water. The pilot then regains control and pulls the craft back into the air.

Not in the video, but apparently the other helo went for a bit of a swim as well.

Back in the day, the rotary wing fellahs used to tell the jet guys that “if you can’t hover, you ain’t sh!t.”

Physician helo dude, heal thy self.


* New link added 04-22-18 – Ed.


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