By lex, on May 16th, 2011

Something appears to have changed * in the waters off Somalia:

Somali pirates and a foreign warship clashed off the coast of the town of Hobyo in central Somalia, killing at least three of pirates and wounding four others, witnesses said Saturday.

Hassan Ilka-asse, a a fisherman in the coastal town of Hobyo told AHN by phone that the firefight erupted after one of the foreign warships approached the pirates’ boat.

“Heavy gun fire and shoulder launched missiles could be heard throughout the coastal area nearby. I think the ship was among [the] NATO Navy patrolling off Somalia coast” Ilka-asse explained, citing that he saw a NATO flag upon the top of ship.

He also said the ship completely destroyed the boat with a “big missile”.

Shame to waste a big missile on a small boat, but whatever gets the job done.

The story goes on to say that four more pirates were killed and 8 wounded in a helicopter strike last month.

Update: Doughty Denmark appears to have had enough ** –

A Danish warship attacked a pirate boat off Somalia, killing four pirates and freeing 16 Iranian hostages on board, Denmark’s navy said Sunday.

Ten other pirates were also wounded during gun battles between the Danish vessel Esbern Snare and the pirate “mother-ship” off Somalia on Thursday morning.

“The 16 hostages are waiting to see their families,” the navy said in statement.

“None of them and no one among the crew of the Esbern Snare was wounded,” it said>.

“The four pirates who were killed were buried at sea in accordance with NATO procedures and Muslim tradition.”

Twenty-four pirates were captured in the assault, and are awaiting their burial at sea in accordance with NATO procedures and Muslim tradition. Or ought to be, anyway.

* 10-25-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

**  10-25-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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