Been wondering about that myself

Posted by lex, on June 10, 2006


Went to the range today (a lot of weekend entries seem to start that way, these days) – I shot the H&K .45 ACP again, while SNO went with his old stand-by. We had time and scratch left over for some riflery, and pulled down a CAR-15, just for the accuracy that was in it.

Couldn’t help noticing how small a 5.56mm round is, sitting in your hand. Nor how small the holes were in the target, no matter how tightly grouped. Especially as contrasted with the .45 rounds we’d only just been putting down range, or the 7.62mm rounds we’d fired through an M-14 two weeks ago. I’m only a sailor, so the fine points of the velocity/mass equation vs. how many rounds you can fit in your backpack are beyond me, perhaps.

But then the Salamander noted much the same thing as did your humble scribe.

Sort of makes you go, “hmm.”

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