Posted by lex, on March 15, 2008


What does a master’s degree in strategic studies and international economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies get you in the US Army Reserve?

Staff sergeant’s stripes, a place on the firing line in a Baghdad based Combat Outpost and the platform from whence to cut through the BS:

The efforts being carried out by Iraqis, the coalition and nongovernmental organizations focus on essential services, economic development and reconciliation. Restoring services such as electricity, a dependable sewage system, trash collection, and access to fuels and potable water are at the top of the agenda. Initiatives to bring all of these services to a satisfactory level have met with some success. The local economy has benefited from the lull in violence. Market areas that were once desolate are teeming with life, consumers are out and shops are open. Coalition initiatives to develop local market councils and provide micro-grants and micro-loans to small-business owners are providing a much-needed economic spark to Baghdad’s neighborhoods.

My earlier post was all about hardware, but it’s worth remembering that the real strength in our force is our people: Nobody else does this.


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