Recent email to an old shipmate

By lex, on August 1st, 2006

He wrote a note talking about how burdened he had recently become at his new, government service job here in San Diego, then thanked me for listening. I wrote him back:


It’s amazing how busy we can get once we get past the “I’m a new guy, still learning the ropes” phase. Love the Navy or don’t, you have to recognize that we do a great job of finding out who’s capable of doing the job, and then loading them up until they aren’t any more. I’ve just about run out of plausible “beats the hell out of me” pills, and have to actually provide answers from time to time. Yes, it has taken me longer to get there than it took you, but then again I’m only a captain, and you were a master chief. The rest of the story is that I’m here for a three year tour, so neither can I cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t blow up until after I’ve transferred. Ah, well – if I don’t manage to meet expectations, I hear Afghanistan is lovely this time of year. Work’s a mess, daughters are killing me and I’m desperately trying to get back on some sort of sustainable workout program while getting maybe 50% of my class readings completed. Every once in a while the stray thought occurs to me that I could just up and retire, cash out the house and move to some place like Arkansas. Buy a spread just on the equity I’ve pocketed, never pay a mortgage again and live a pretty decent life just on my retirement: Fishing, and hunting, and golfing and maybe just sitting on the porch with a julep in my hand, thinking deep thoughts about how things used to be so much simpler when the only challenges were striking the target without getting shot down. Well, that and a night trap.

Apart from that, life’s charming. Thanks for listening



The staff life – it ain’t all beer and skittles. But on the other hand, verily was it written that he who has a job with no aggravations hasn’t got a job.

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