Status Check

By lex, on August 14th, 2010

Which, hizzoner being singularly uninspired this morning, he has decided to locate hisself upon the greenswards of the MCAS Miramar golf course, for to see if his tricky knee will hold up to the strain, like. The good folks down at Balboa Naval Hospital having informed him that the earliest date on which a qualified orthopedic physician may attend to his complaints is the 14th of October, the year of our Lord 2010. And it’s a pity about them loose bone fragments, but what did you expect, falling off a motorcycle like that 17 years ago?

Which I was pushed.

He will admit that his first reaction to this news was a proper noun, an utterance fit for church maybe, but not so much for a secular telephone call, especially what with all the exclamation points that were implied by his astonished tone. For a cursory glance at the calendar will reveal that the 14th of October 2010 is a good two months away, and where are we, Britain?

Having determined that we may be outsourced to a civilian provider after all the suitable paperwork has worked its way through the bureaucracy, we were forced to render unto our interlocutor a humble apology, and so on. For it nothing like our custom to react in such an unguarded way to unwelcome news, yea though it be delivered so matter of factly.

Dinna fret, I was told. We get this all the time and anyway you’ve a prescription for the pain. Such are the sere joys of retirement, dad. Get you back in line.

Then! We will be sore oppressed working our way through a small business innovative research proposal on autonomous routing for small unmanned aerial systems. Coming as they do with severe size, weight and power constraints, limited layer 1 bandwidth and highly dynamic neighbor states, not to mention the inadequacy of TCP/IP as a mobile, ad hoc networking routing protocol, requiring as it does knowledge of the destination network address before the message is sent, and also the continuous presence of that address at the destination node until the message is fully delivered.

Gret good fun it’ll be I’m sure, but time consuming too.

So: Talk amongst yerselves, if it suits you. Or go then.

There are other blogs than these.

Update: Thoroughly execrable back nine. If you can’t putt, you can’t play.

And! Good news: Tricare sent me a referral to a physical therapist who is authorized to give me 20 sessions each of; mechanical traction therapy, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, electrical stimulation and hot or cold packs! All on the basis of a referral from a nurse practitioner. Of course, not being able to see an actual orthopedic specialist until sometime in FY11, my physical therapist won’t have the least notion of what’s going on inside my knee. He may or may not have seen the x-rays indicating loose bone fragments in between the tibia and the femur. But he’ll be able to tug and twist and bend it all around, when he’s not providing electric shocks. And it’s 100% covered!

What could possibly go wrong?

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