Wrapping Up the Weekend

By Lex, on Sun – February 13, 2005


I was going to write something profound, and passionate. It would have been supported by impeccable analysis, and the combination would have changed your world view. You would have laughed, and cried.

Sorry. I just ran out of time.

Maybe tomorrow. Or next week.

Instead I spent a fair portion of Saturday working on essays for my MBA application. “Explain how you changed the world, and why. In 500 words or less.”


It’s been quite a while since I’ve written something “for credit.”


Today of course was the last shopping day before Valentines. I know what you’re going to say: You didn’t get taken in by this paean to the corporate greeting card industry? Did you?

Yes. Yes, I did.

But I did more! I found the Hobbit an iPod shuffle (and there was much rejoicing), and really nice cards for the Biscuit and the Kat. The Kat got a stuffed animal to go with, since she still gets excited about that kind of thing. God bless her soul, and keep her small. The Biscuit got the obligatory heart-shaped box o’ chocolates and I was so the man for at least fifteen minutes or so.

Oh, yeah, daddy-o. Fifteen minutes. At least.

At this stage, I take what I can get.


And the rest of the afternoon has been taken up with my secondary duty as sysadmin for the clan information infrastructure, to wit: The Kat’s powerbook was on the fritz. A faulty power supply was determined to be the culprit, soon rectified at a cost rather more than you would have thought right, in a more nearly perfect world. But! An upgrade to OS 10.3 was also in the requirement list, and those of you who are in the know, know that this is no small commitment. It’s a great OS, but as far as upgrades go, there have been Hollywood marriages that have lasted longer.


I saw the most perfect vehicle on the highway today. It was so over the top, so very in-the-face of the SoCal PC crowd that I could not help but laugh out loud, thinking of all the crawling skin up and down the 805 freeway this afternoon. It was…


Let me describe it to you – I will start at the rear, and work my way forward:

It was a fire-engine red four-by-four Ford pickup, one of the big ones. On the tailgate, on the starboard side, was a yellow “Support our Troops” ribbon. It’s counterpart to port was a pair of tablets – the Ten Commandment.

Entering the truck bed itself, you are treated to the sight of a US Marine Corps banner, proudly mounted, flapping strenuously in the slipstream.

On the cabin’s rear window, an enormous “National Rifle Association” sticker occupies the place of honor. To its left, another Marine Corps sticker, in case the banner flapping in the bed was over-subtle. A Confederate flag decal to the right. A shotgun rack just forward.

With an actual shotgun, mounted atop.

For my own part, I might have gone a different way, in certain elements. But the net effect was absolutely scrumptious.


A wonderful meal at home with the ladies. The convo started slow – I nearly despaired. But it picked up marvelously, and took on a life of its own.


I know – hardly worth having to put to pixel, but there it is.

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