Then and Now

By lex, on June 23rd, 2010


A 91-year-old who said she was the nurse photographed being kissed in Times Square in New York at the end of World War II has died.

Edith Shain said she was grabbed and kissed by an unknown American soldier on 14 August 1945.

The picture by Alfred Eisenstaedt was taken as people celebrated Japan’s surrender, and it became an iconic image.

The identity of the sailor remains disputed.

Ms Shain died at her home in Los Angeles on Sunday, her family said.


The victim of a decades old sexual assault – one which occurred in broad daylight at Times Square in front of hundreds of onlookers – succumbed to her injuries yesterday.

The suspect, who could not be identified, escaped. He is suspected to himself be a victim of post-traumatic stress disorder after years of combat.


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