My poor, poor children

By lex

Posted on February 21, 2006


The Armorer sends us over to Cassandra’s place, where she in turn directs us to discover what song was number one on the first day we sprang upon an amazed world:

For  your humble scribe? It was, “Georgia on My Mind,” by Ray Charles. A classic which I still enjoy listening to, Lo! These many years later. I admit to being rather absurdly smug and self-satisfied to hear this news.

Then I looked up SNO’s birth date: “Kiss,” by Prince and the Revolution. Oh.

The Biscuit? “All the Man I Need,” by Whitney Houston. Oh, dear.

And finally, the Kat? It gets worse: ”The Sign,” by Ace of Base. Which should probably be labeled “The Sigh,” if ever she catches on.

I’d tell you the Hobbit’s special song, but that would be, well: Telling. Which we are strenously cautioned not to do. So there.

But weep for the poor children!


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