I’ve been busy

by lex

Posted on Monday, September 19, 2005


Haven’t been able to keep up with the news.

But, you know. If something big happens? Usually the press will run it for a day or so.

So it surprised me a bit to hear about the elections in Afghanistan. You heard about ‘em probably. All over the news. Happened yesterday, I must have missed it when it first came out (but I heard something about it on the BBC, going to dinner last night). Thought I’d catch up on it today. Had to go to the Ashahi Shimbun. In Japan.

Four years after the end of civil war, long-delayed elections for a legislature were held in Afghanistan…

Huh. Guess they had a civil war. Ended, somehow. Not a lot more about how that might have happened.

(And your point is?)

It’s this: We’ve taken a part of the world that hadn’t seen a free election in well, forever (because I’m counting the ladies, too) and delivered into their hands democracy, just like we’ve come to expect, and the world response is: Oh. Well. Yawn. Democracy – nothing new about that. What have you done for us lately?

Which is fine, I suppose, as far as it goes. Considering the fact that they were using soccer stadiums to hang petty criminals a few years back, and stoning the odd adulterer. Not to mention the fact that the only way that the distaff half off the population could leave the house at all was to cover up entirely, and walk in the company of a representative of the other half. And now they’ve gone and gotten the right to vote.

Which is every bit exactly as it should be, except for the fact that that’s a pretty huge victory for 5 million people, and we treat it like it’s no big deal. Happens all the time, in a vacuum.

Excuse me, but it seems like between asking who dorked up New Orleans, body counts in Iraq and whether or not the Norks are serious this time, we ought to take a moment and celebrate a win for the Afghan-American team.

But that’s just me.


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