Friday Musings (January 11, 2008)

By lex, on January 11th, 2008

Shakespeare’s was a good time last night, thanks for asking. Chris was there first, himself going to TLAM schul at Point Loma and on his way to being the XO of an Arleigh Burke-class DDG, good man himself. Next up was Curtis, an activated reservist in the local area with whom your humble scribe occasionally corresponds, more often through the email pipe than otherwise. Finally there was Rusty, herself a retired naval officer lo these few years, and completing a doctoral dissertation on complexity and sea stories. It makes sense when you hear her talk about it.

I’ve grown increasingly accustomed now to meeting people who know me rather better than I know them, having paged through my insides here, and held them to the light. But it’s still nearly comic how we can look around the room for someone we “know” but have never “met”. You look for someone who is looking for someone and hope to avoid an embarrassment. Like that time in the women’s volleyball team locker room at SDSU. How we laughed, afterwards!

It couldn’t have helped that I was in disguise, like. Or at least, Chris mentioned that he expected my hair to be a good deal darker from the image on the “Support Lex!” tip jar to your right – which yes, that thing does work. If you click on it.

Oh, the years have not  been kind gentle reader. They have, in fact, been right bastards. And I freely admit that the serial misfortunes of waving F-14′s behind the boat as a wild, impetuous youth and the stress of raising teenage daughters in southern California in my later years – woe! – have left their mark upon what I still consider to be my “natural” hair color. As though all of this accelerating dissolution was just some passing phase, hair back to black on the other side. I suppose I must content myself with the knowledge that while, yes, there may be snow on the roof, at least the thatching has held up.

And anyways, himself was kind enough not  to remark upon the way that g-forces and the weight of years have pulled the muscles that used bunch around my shoulders down to a less elevated vantage point, which I took for a kindness. This being my winter coat, like, and the San Diego mornings being cruel harsh this time of year. Until, say 0900 or so. Or maybe a quarter past eight.

But good folks, once we’d all assembled. Navy folks. We’d never met but pretty much knew each other anyway. Two in the company were nearly neighbors as it turned out, and blithely unaware of that fact. A wardroom table on a ship. With beer. There is a certain set of shared assumptions that you can nearly always rely upon in the service – that the other will speak truthfully and in good faith, that private discourse will remain private and that common courtesies will be observed. That an offer to pay for the round will be gratefully received, but that no one will ever get stuck with the bill. A willingness to please, and an expectation of being pleased in return. I like that about us, and I think I’ll miss it.

I need one of those dining room table extenders:

Marcus Aurelius. Wm. Shakespeare. Thomas Jefferson. Robert E. Lee. Theodore Roosevelt. Winston Churchill. William Butler Yeats.

Sappho. Helen. Boudicca. Jeanne D’Arc. Elizabeth I. Mary Chestnut. Ameila Earhart. Margaret Thatcher. Yulia Timoshenko. Melissa Theuriau. Camille Paglia.

What a dinner we would have!

Worst. Marriage. Story. Evar.

Top ten luckiest guys I know animation

Looks like it was spinning to the right. Just, you know: Without the cockpit and nose section.

If you think you’ve got it bad here, blogger-boy, check out what’s going down in China Town:

Authorities have fired an official in central China after city inspectors beat to death a man who filmed their confrontation with villagers, China’s Xinhua news agency reports…

On Monday (Wei Wenhua) happened on a confrontation in the central Chinese province of Hubei between city inspectors and villagers protesting over the dumping of waste near their homes.

A scuffle developed when residents tried to prevent trucks from unloading the rubbish, Xinhua said.

When Wei took out his cell phone to record the protest, more than 50 municipal inspectors turned on him, attacking him for five minutes, Xinhua said. Wei was dead on arrival at a Tianmen hospital, the report said.

Qi Zhengjun, chief of the urban administration bureau in the city of Tianmen, lost his job over the incident, Xinhua reported Friday.

Well. As long as someone got sacked.

More evidence of global warming: “Snow fell on Baghdad on Friday for the first time in memory, and delighted residents declared it an omen of peace.”

Those poor, poor people.

More later. Maybe.

Dude’s got a life, you know.


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