Look at the bright side, General

Posted by lex on September 10, 2007

1600 years ago, senatorial “character assassination” had a greatly more ominous meaning:

Chalons marked one of the last great victories as the Roman Empire was gasping its final breaths, and (General Flavius) Aetius viewed as one of its greatest military commanders. For his effort, he returned to Rome three years later where he was met with an Emperor threatened by Aetius’ status, and a Roman Senator, Petronius Maximus, who collaborated in assassinating him in 454 AD.

Well, for what it’s worth, in a stand-up fight between Dave and Harry, my money is on the guy in ACUs.

10-21-20 – Lex is referring to Senator Harry Reid and Gen David Petraus, who was testifying at the capitol – Ed.

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