The Plot Thickens…

Posted by lex, on October 22, 2005


From the London Times:

THE United Nations withheld some of the most damaging allegations against Syria in its report on the murder of Rafik Hariri, the former Lebanese Prime Minister, it emerged yesterday.

The names of the brother of Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria, and other members of his inner circle, were dropped from the report that was sent to the Security Council.

The confidential changes were revealed by an extraordinary computer gaffe because an electronic version distributed by UN officials on Thursday night allowed recipients to track editing changes

Mr Annan had pledged repeatedly through his chief spokesman, Stephane Dujarric, that he would not change a word of the report by Detlev Mehlis, a German prosecutor. But computer tracking showed that the final edit began at about 11.38am on Thursday — a minute after Herr Mehlis began a meeting with Mr Annan to present his report. The names of Maher al-Assad, General Shawkat and the others were apparently removed at 11.55am, after the meeting ended.

Only at the UN.

It would be very difficult to imagine a more damning testament to bureaucratic corruption paired with bureaucratic ineptitude. File this in the same rubbish bin as those mewling that somehow Saddam is a being subjected to “victor’s justice,” and who propose that only the UN has sufficient moral authority to try him. Which in turn should be filed next to “examples of UN efficiency” in the trial of yet another murderous dictator, Slobodan Milosevic. That particular theater has been running almost four years now, and could go as much as four to five years more.

John Bolton’s mustache could not be reached for comment.


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