Don’t Step on All the Heads

By lex, on August 31st, 2009

You’ll turn your ankle.

It’d be hard not to, when they’re rolling around all over the deck.

31 AUG 09: ** Naval Academy Preparatory School CO relieved due to “loss of confidence” in his ability to command. The “Naval Academy’s diversity officer and NAPS liaison officer…  has temporarily assumed duties as NAPS’s commanding officer.”

28 AUG 09 *: ATGLANT CO relieved for loss of confidence.

21 AUG 09:**  CO of Bangor Nuclear Weapons Facility relieved. The cause?

“Loss of confidence.”

It has always been a stern service, but three otherwise unrelated captains explosively jettisoning their command pins in a ten day period might just be a record.

It’d be interesting to know the back stories involved here, but for the privacy of those involved – and, just as often, the reputation of the service –  the reason for a “loss of confidence” relief without any obvious precipitating event are usually closely held secrets.

Inquiring minds wonder: Is there a top-down house-cleaning going on, or is this just one of those strange coincidences? And if the former, what are the community representatives doing at the major command screen board these days?

Update: Speaking of standards, I had an interesting email exchange a week or two back with a friend who was hoping to help a relative get into a Marine Corps commissioning program. Unfortunately the young man had a brush with the law several years back. It was one of those “pulled over speeding, car searched, passenger’s got a hash pipe” sorts of things. Tickets for all my friends, although nobody got arrested. Definitely the kind of thing that would have turned up on the entering national agency check required for a security clearance.

The Marine Corps recruiter told him that such a thing was disqualifying for an officer commissioning program in any of the services. Could that really be true? my friend asked.

I think it is, I answered. Although not a recruiter, it’s my understanding that pre-service drug use by an officer candidate is not waiverable.

Funny, he replied. Under that standard, at least two of our last three presidents and commanders-in-chief would be ineligible to serve as ensigns or second lieutenants in the US military. Maybe all three.

Yeah, I replied. Funny.

* 09-10-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

** 09-10-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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