Enviably quixotic

By lex, on November 7th, 2006

Last spring I was on a school trip up to Seattle – some of you may remember reading on it. While I was on that ferry crossing over from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, I stepped out onto the foc’s’l and into a fine, soft mist that seemed as though it wanted to go ahead and be a rain but wasn’t quite sure it was appropriate.

Standing there in one of the windbreaks were two tall and strapping young men chatting amiably. Something about them gave off the air of “crew jock,” and they happily admitted as much when I asked them. My second thought was that these weren’t normal men – they were northmen. Vikings.

It seems that they were fairly recent graduates from the University of Puget Sound and just finishing up a long training interval in preparation for a little race.

Across the Atlantic Ocean.

They were to be the first Americans to compete in that race, and would be joining two veteran British crews for the voyage from New York to Ireland. They gave me their card, and asked me to keep track of them if it suited. I regret to say that after a dabble or two to check their progress – it takes time to row across the Atlantic in a open boat – I quite forgot about them and their race.

But today, in one of those strange, circular quirks so common to the blogosphere, I was skimming fellow Navy blogger and Valour-IT supporter Smadenek (or Ken Adams if you prefer) and discovered a blog post he made some time ago on the same fellas – OAR Northwest.

They won their race as it turns out – finishing would have been a victory too, after nearly 69 days – by a large margin: The other two teams still had between 10 and 20% of the total course length yet to row.

How cool is that, to row across the Atlantic in an open boat?

And as I said: Vikings *.

* 07-17-2008  Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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