Tolerance, and so on

Posted by lex, on December 11, 2007


In Canada, a 57-year old Pakistani immigrant and taxi driver has been arrested for the murder of his sixteen-year old daughter. The young lady had recently taken to wearing her hair free while at school, rather than bound up under a hijab, and – facing constant threats of physical violence from her highly religious father and equally pious brother – had moved out of the house. Friends say that she returned home to pick up her clothes, at which time her her deeply pious father lovingly strangled her to death. For the greater good of the family, you see.

Not really news, is it? Unfortunately.

But what I found particularly poignant were the comments of one kind hearted Torontoan in response to the tragedy. Under the online handle of “PeaceLove”, he writes:

In America does the father not make the law for the child?

If the child disobeys the father is their no consequence?

Everyone wants to protect the culture of the white catholic, but rights of Muslims everywhere are trampled upon!

Everytime I go to the airport, everyone staring at me.

And so we have yet another innocent victim in this tragedy. Just imagine, being stared at in the airport.

When will it all stop?

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