By lex, on March 4th, 2012

So, you know: Breitbart was a happy warrior. Which made those he warred against unhappy. Thus the hate, which of course he earned. By being happy.


Somewhere in my archives, which I’m still having trouble accessing, is a collection of “liberal” commentary on Tony Snow’s death that I caught as word came in that he’d succumbed to his cancer [update: found here. Thanks to golem14]. The outpouring of hate then was just as atrocious as the commentary aimed at Breitbart this past week, complete, in the aftermath, with requisite and self-serving rationalizations the left used in that instance to justify the most vile and vicious utterances they could attach to their ironic internet handles.

In comments:*

Tony Snow was a chipper guy who smiled more than he frowned and he rarely if ever said anything bad about anyone. He was a grown up even when he disagreed. He was poised and civil. His style was to listen to the other side and then responded in a friendly way. When he opposed something he was polite and informed. He avoided viciousness. He was not a finger wagger. He went out of his way to be nice and see the best in people, even those he disagreed with.

He was not a possessed frantic ideologue. He was not boisterous or confrontational. He just reported the news with a smile on his face and did guest hosting on Rush Limbaugh, and was eventually Whitehouse press secretary for a while.

For the most part, he was positive, warm, open, and friendly and he played it nice and classy when others were reduced to breathing fire, banging shoes, and waving sabers.

When Tony Snow died of cancer the left celebrated just as they did with Breitbart. Being nice changed nothing. They still hated him.

It’s not about the style. It’s about the hate.

* 11-16-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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