Bids and trades

By lex, on June 9th, 2008

Analytic readers will by have now surmised that your correspondent’s Great Western Motorcycle Adventure will probably have to await another retirement cycle. There were just sufficient had-to-do’s sprinkled about my terminal leave to deny me the leisure of a 8-10 day trip, and anything shorter – while feasible – would have been more enforced rigor than pleasurable journey. I do appreciate the many public and private offers of roadside companionship, however. Maybe if I get fired…

Anyway, Tailspin Tom has graciously offered the right seat of his Beechcraft C-45 from here to French Valley for the proverbial $100 cheeseburger. Which, what with gas rates as they are, has mushroomed to maybe $250. But it’s not everyday you get a hack at the controls of a WWII era (1952 re-manufacture) twin recip, 450hp (each) taildragger. Even from the right seat.

Tom sent along this annotated view to help me out with the cockpit familiarization. I told SNO that it all looked pretty straightforward apart from the oil cooler levers, that I wasn’t sure how to use them.

“Maybe when the oil starts getting hot?” he replied.


08-22-2018 Lex’s account of the flight is here – Ed. 

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