Making it stick

Posted by lex, on January 8, 2008

I find myself surprisingly at peace with the notion that the Obamanon may end up wearing the 44 jersey come next January. Herself ** seems to be decomposing in front of our very eyes and John Edwards will never live down that YouTube video. Too many people have already seen and said to themselves, “No. I’m very sorry, but no.” What you have left over is that nice young man with imperfect hair, a compelling life story and an electorate seething to Just. Change. Something.

We go through it ever so often and often end up with buyer’s remorse, but the Republic will endure. It always has.

Sure, he’ll want to raise spending on health care and reduce it on defense, but we do go back and forth on that, always have and anyway he’ll need help from Congress to dispose of whatever he proposes. Which sounds easy with a Democratic majority in both houses until you remember the first two years of Bill Clinton’s first term and all of Jimmy Carter’s incumbency. No doubt he’ll also commit the country to any number of nanny-state intrusions that I’ll probably end up resenting, even if he will have to eat all the rich people to pay for them.

And yes, I do know that all of that talk of “uniting and not dividing” becomes tricksier once you actually get down to deciding whose ox will be gored. So don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to pull the lever for him myself. I just don’t think I’ll find myself writing any “I’ll run away to Canada if he wins” checks. Like some people did several years back. And still haven’t cashed them. The bastards.

Which is why I found myself reading this article by Michael O’Hanlon in the WSJ today, agreeing with point after point. Because the one thing a President Obama could no-kidding do all by himself is bring the troops back home within his first 16 months regardless of consequences, just as he’s promising he’d do. Perceptive readers may remember my objections on that score.

A good article, but almost as interesting was the closing on O’Hanlon’s CV:

Mr. O’Hanlon is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. He advised Hillary Clinton until last summer, when his support for the surge led to a cutting of ties by mutual consent.

All the political world that I truly care about – the part about fighting and winning the nation’s wars – can be read between the lines of those two sentences. Everything else is commentary.

10-30-20 – Link gone; no replacement found – Ed.

11-05-20 – Lex makes reference to this comment in a future post, so here it is – Ed.

Our Paul // Jan 7, 2008 at 10:46 pm

Going to take a little bite out of this apple, not by going after you Lex, or some the comments folks have made, but just by the old reality check of data, and facts that neither you or I would argue about:

• The Defense Department budget is estimated to be about 27 percent of our government expenditures. This does not include (1) CIA and Covert Services, (2) The Veteran Administration Health Care costs, (3) Military Aid to foreign entities.
• What we pay for defense is greater than all countries in the world combined.
• The number of bases we maintain in foreign countries is in the range of 800+.
• Our patriotic polls (including some Dems) are trumpeting that to protect us, we need to increase the Armed Forces by 100,00 men and women.

Ah yes, as the big man (the one with the cigar, microphone, and drug habit) said: Big government is the problem. And guess what, he is right!!!

Lets face it, trumpet the inequity of the Death Tax (anybody with an inheritance of greater then 5 million clams has to pay taxes) as much as you want, but somebody has to pay for this insanity. It’s called the Kids Tax, for your kids and mine, for your grandchildren and mine, who will pay for the debt we are so gaily running up daily…

Loved your Edwards video, raw meat. But what you have to understand that behind the Obama fluff there is a group of people who are really ticked off:

When I started this post, Fliterman was no where to be found. I follow his most recent post, and bow to his superior pen.

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