How some people spend their days off

By lex, on August 30th, 2006

Awake at 0630. Admit the vegan surfer kid your daughter seems to like into the gated community. Mumble a quick prayer. Go back to sleep.

0630-0645: Toss fitfully.

0645: Arise and greet the day. And the vegan surfer kid. Who, it turns out, drinks coffee at age 15.

0650: Make a second pot of coffee. Bastard.

0730: Kiss the kids good-bye, the Hobbit too. Feel immensely privileged not to have to jump into the 30-minute knife fight that is the morning commute.

0735: Look around the empty house regretfully.

0743 – 0845: Read the WSJ. Read the San Diego Tribune. Read the usual blogosuspects. Post some trash, just to keep the plates spinning.

0900: Wait for Skippy-san to do his “Crazy uncle in the attic” routine. Drum fingers.

1000: Decide that maybe playing 18 holes at Torrey Pines is a better use of leave than waiting for Skippy-san.

1030-1500: Play pretty damned average golf. Hit a few good shots. Promise to try this again next year.

1600: Get an 80-minute massage. Because you can.

1900: Pick up the calamari from Il Fornaio for the Kat, because nothing else would do. Have supper with the clan.

2000: Blog a bit.

2030: Wonder what’s going to happen next. Ponder the idea of doing homework. Reject the idea.


2100: Watch “Inside,” a Denzell Walker bank robbery vehicle with SNO – interrupted by a 2215 hastening of school-aged daughters off to nod.

2230: Follow.

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