A very short lesson in economies of scale

By lex, on April 10th, 2007

So, as mentioned previously, SNO and I managed to clear bores on the .22 LR semi-auto and as well as the Remington 742 ** .30-06 (which if you haven’t shot one of those in an enclosed range recently, wear double hearing protection). The Sig we gave a pass on this time, for economic purposes.

For you see, a range-bought block of 20 .30-06 shells sold for a shade over $30, while $21 purchased 525 .22LR rounds. Re-sighting the Remington was perforce quick work at those prices, but the .22 rounds lasted forever.

After shooting the .22 rifle until the receiver got hot, we rented the range’s Beretta .22 Neo – a fun little plinking gun – for another good hour of target practice, including some tactical drills. And having actually gotten tired of shooting before we ran out of ammunition, we left satisfied and with over 300 rounds left to shoot next time.

It seems to me that an inexpensive little pistol like that – or a Ruger .22 – would be a dern good way to practice fundamentals and accuracy, saving the working gun for familiarity rounds and jam drills only.

But you guys probably knew that already.

** 07-29-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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