Flight Two

By lex, on September 15th, 2011

The take-off continues to impress, but the holy schnikies sensation is beginning to fade. A better rotation to the fly-away attitude, and up through a 1500 foot overcast out to the sea. A couple of hard turns (one a little too hard, as it turns out – D’oh!), tactical formations and then back into the precision approach pattern for four ground controlled approaches.

The local radar controllers are used to the relatively more sedate approach speeds of the mighty E-2C Hawkeye, I gather, since the 220 knot turn from base to final watered their eyes on each of the four approaches. I backed up their guidance by loading the GPS Runway 21 approach in the Garmin 510, and using the omni-bearing selector (OBS) function of the center-mounted Garmin 530. Hazy, with clouds from around 2000-1500 for a good 30 seconds fixated on the gauges, and most of the rest of that time spent there too. A fair amount of VFR traffic to contend with out over Camarillo.

The landings went pretty well, all things considered: On my first two approaches I carried just a squeak too much throttle and coasted six inches above the runway for the length of a book. The last two were rock solid. The drag chute felt good as it deployed.

The weather is lowering, and the Hawkeye bubbas are bouncing for an upcoming deployment to sea. So I’m headed home to Sandy Eggo now for a week, and looking forward to it. One more flight for training and I’m a resource rather than a cost center.


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