Cowboys and Indians

By lex, on November 5th, 2008

As previously alluded to in these pages, the Indian Air Force came west, young men, for to try their skills at Red Flag. With them they brought the vaunted SU-30MKI, against which were counter-opposed Eagles and Falcons and Hornets, oh my.

Turns out? Not all that ** and a bag of chips.

The cowboys win again.

Comments are made about the relative merits of different vectored thrust schemes and electronically scanned arrays, pilot experience levels, the advantages of integrated fighter-to-fighter datalinks (I sense a business opportunity), a gentleman named “BOB*”, and the Perfidious French. All at the unclas level. Supposedly.

Warm commentary on the advantages of having a hot gun in a fifth generation fighter (like the F-22 Raptor has), and an evident reluctance to discussing the F-35 (which has none). Because we just never learn a damned thing.

* Blue on blue

** 08-29-2018 The link Lex cited was gone (along with the web site) and at first I was just going to decree it  so and have no link. This link is from 2008 so I don’t know if it is what Lex wanted but I decided it was better than no link 😉 – Ed. 


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One response to “Cowboys and Indians

  1. I believe Lex was talking about this videos
    Red Flag 2008 debrief of Su-30MKI Part 1 & 2

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