Airport Saturday

By lex, on January 17th, 2009

So, got the holler from the weekend employer that there was a cancellation for the 1300 go, ergo an empty seat. Would Son Number One like a hack at it?

He would.

Turned the corner into the airport parking lot today and saw something bizarre on final. Couldn’t make out if it was a helicopter or a fixed wing single for a moment – I was on the motorcycle, so my attention was divided. Turned out to be a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) known as a “Sky Boy.” Looked like a barcalounger with fabric wings and a lawnmower engine driving a pusher prop.

Took a few quick pics around the ramp. There was the SNJ ready to go, with the big Pratt & Whitney ready to bark out its song. I was on the ramp anyway, so this lovely example of a Ryan Navion Myers 200D had to make the cut. As did this slick Mooney and the Cirrus SR-22 right alongside.

The planes were ready to go. The intrepid aviators assuming casual poses of non chalance. The distaff side keeping up a brave face.

Yer man was keeping up the side at the hold short, his last night’s debaucheries notwithstanding. Being a college student on winter break and all. It was a perfect day for flying.

Hizzoner was a credit to the service, taking the first hack by powering up above after having become defensive, then converting the potential to kinetic. I eased power to 2000 RPM on the second bout because the other fellow had paid for the flight after all, so that was over pretty quickly. On the third run we fought the good fight for a respectable interval before I asked him to ease out the angle of bank, climb a bit and give it up for the team. Paying customers and all. At which point our adversary spent two or three turns taking no advantage of our lamb-like throats, all exposed for the cutting. Get it over with, I said at last, and SNO quickly put paid. Not precisely according to Hoyle, but it can’t last forever, can it?

No. No it can’t.

The lady was, I think, happy to have us all home again.



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