Christmas Eve, 2008

By lex, on December 24th, 2008

Hopefully, you have by now completed your holiday shopping, gentle reader. And are now kicking yourself for having missed out on all the steep discounts * everywhere on offer. Longtime readers know that this season has bittersweet connotations for your host. I’ve joyful memories of childhood anticipation, mature reflection on the meaning of the day and a hole in my life that will not be filled on this side of the veil.**

But even in that there is hope.

Hard times all around, and they may get harder yet. We here at Chez Lex have done what we can to make sure that all those things that ought to be remembered may be remembered joyously and that our blessings may be counted in detail. I hope the same for all of you, my friends.

Walk while you have the light then, and remember that light which shines even in the darkness that the darkness knows not of.

Merry Christmas.

* 08-30-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

** 08-30-2018 Lex is probably referring to the death of his sister Ann – Ed. 


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