The Power of Small Things

By lex, on May 9th, 2011

So, you read earlier in the week about Senior Chief John Hannah, who died alone and unclaimed at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. A retired USMC Master Sergeant put me on to the story – a “lurker” who’d never posted or even emailed me before – and asked that I stick my iron in the fire. Didn’t cost me but a moment’s time.

His family was contacted, I don’t know how or by whom. He’ll get a proper burial now, as is his due.

The story is more complicated * than “homeless vet dies with no one to claim him.” These things usually are.

I honestly don’t know if this little thing of ours had any part in making it right. I really don’t think it matters, all that much. We gave it what we could, and in the end things worked out as best they might. That’s not nothing.

Good on ya.

Just keep in mind that there’s so much more to be done, and that the little things we do matter.

* 10-24-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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