That whole transition thing

Posted by lex, on January 7, 2008

I’m willing to admit my lack of expertise in this at least: I haven’t had a civilian job since I was shoveling ice cream at Baskin-Robbins at age 17. That too will change in time, tic-tock, but over at The Flight Deck, Kris asks what it is that leads to a successful military-to-civilian transition – and her interest is not just academic:

I’m calling out to all of you who are active, retired, reservists – anyone with a military background who at some point has tried to secure employment in the private sector.  I’d like to know what worked well and what didn’t.  What were your interviewing experiences like?  How do you think your military background affected your ability to get a job?

Here’s a chance to help other vets, and as Kris says, the possibilities are exciting.

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