The banality of evil

Posted by Lex, on August 2, 2006


The San Diego police have arrested three men – including two juveniles – on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon – with a hate crime enhancement – in the gay bashing incident referred to below. In a continuing spirit of deference to the legal system, I’ll attempt to withhold judgment while pointing out that none of this surprises ** all that much:

Court records show (the accused), who is being held in the downtown jail pending arraignment tomorrow, pleaded guilty to felony burglary in April in San Diego. He was sentenced to three years’ probation. He was convicted of a similar crime last year in Texas.


The three are part of a loose-knit group known as the “Lowlifes,” Ball said. Police don’t know much about the group, which they said has about 50 members.

I asked the question in that “weekend” post whether we could tell to what degree these kinds of attacks are driven by bigotry, and to what extent they are driven by criminal sociopathy gone looking for a reason.

I think I’ve got my answer.

** 08-06-2018 Original link gone; replacement found – Ed.

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