Open Thread 04/01/2011

Posted By lex, on April 1st, 2011

Your host is winging his way in a rented Cessna 182RG to Las Vegas (baby) to catch the last day of an airborne networking conference, so you are left chiefly to your own devices . I’d ask you not to make a mess, but the 75 comments attached to the post below (as of 0600 Pacific time, 1300 Zulu) render this a vain, futile gesture.

I know: I started it.

To perhaps provoke discussions, you are left to ponder the relief of the F-35 training wing commander * for loss of confidence in his ability to command. Everyone’s getting into it. My only comment is this: 2600 hours as an O-6 means way too many years on staff jobs. Time wasted, in the event.

No stars for you.

Also! The perennial discussion about aircraft carrier size is being hosted at the USNI blog. Because every 10 years or so, someone discovers the advantage of smaller ships. Which appears to be in this case that they’re around when all the large ships are otherwise engaged. Dinna get me wrong, Harriers on L-Class ships are all well and good when you need 6-8 fuel critical, low ordnance aircraft to provide striking power on a 24/7 basis and the NCA is unwilling – probably for political reasons – to bring a real aircraft carrier through the ditch. But you oughtn’t to build your force structure on such fragile reeds.

Now – the keys are in it. Have fun.

Update: “Sun ‘n Fun” – not so much *. Airplanes were meant to fly. Put enough wind on ‘em and they will.

For a little while.

** 03-02-21 URLs gone; no replacement found – Ed.

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