She prefers the weather

Posted by Lex, on May 28, 2008


Ecce, the inspirational tale of Malika El Aroud, widow of the man who killed Ahmed Massoud, the anti-Taliban leader of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan two days before 9/11, an al Qaeda propagandist, harridan and fishwife who scolds Muslim men into fighting and dying in a lost cause via the Internet. Expelled from Switzerland for running jihadist websites, she is now a resident of Brussels and collector of monthly unemployment payments from a state and civilization she loathes.

Writing in French under the name “Oum Obeyda,” she has transformed herself into one of the most prominent Internet jihadists in Europe.

She calls herself a female holy warrior for Al Qaeda. She insists that she does not disseminate instructions on bomb-making and has no intention of taking up arms herself. Rather, she bullies Muslim men to go and fight and rallies women to join the cause.

“It’s not my role to set off bombs — that’s ridiculous,” she said in a rare interview. “I have a weapon. It’s to write. It’s to speak out. That’s my jihad. You can do many things with words. Writing is also a bomb.”

She also wears powder blue slip-ons with “SEXY” embroidered in gold on their sides. Which, you know: Shows off her human side.

The Belgian police monitor her carefully, but since she hasn’t actually killed anyone personally, they are powerless to act. Desolé, etc. She’d probably be happier of course wearing a burkha in the back of some Pushtun hovel in Helmand with the rest of the womenfolk, but it gets so stuffy in the summer, the network connections can be iffy and no one would be throwing any money at her for the work she does breathing. So, Brussels.

Like the cave paintings in France, these little vignettes may someday provide clues to the fate of a vanished civilization.


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