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Posted by lex, on February 20, 2008

OK, with a score of 86.7% on this 60 question civil literacy test, your humble scribe is officially chastised, chastened and chap-fallen.

so knew that FDR question though. Got rushed.

Now you go.

11-06-20 Well, having found their link not in the Wayback Machine, I spent a good 15-20 minutes answering their survey wondering if I could beat Lex’s score and at least for me and my browser (Win 10/ Edge) the site didn’t even grade me but came up blank.

Maybe you will have different results – but you have been warned.

Still worth looking over the questions and I thought at least 1 – #42 – had more than 1 right answer


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Last man standing

Posted by lex, on September 17, 2006

Victor David Hanson
 gets depressed thinking on Oriana Fallaci, the Pope, and the times we live in:

So, yes, we know the asymmetrical rules: a state run-paper in Cairo or the West Bank, a lunatic Iranian mullah, a grand mufti from this or that mosque, can all rail about infidels, “pigs and apes”, in language reminiscent of the Third Reich—and meet with approval in the Middle East and silence in the West. But for a Westerner, a Tony Blair, George Bush, or Pope Benedict to even hint that something has gone terribly wrong with modern Islam, is to endure immediate furor and worse. In short, no modern ideology, no religious sect of the present age demands so much of others, so little of itself.

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Framing Rumsfeld

Posted by lex, on August 30, 2006

Speaking to a crowd at the American Legion Convention in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, SECDEF made what would seem to most of us a set of fairly innocuous remarks on the nature of the war we’re in – even drawing some of the same historical analogies such as would be familiar to those who frequent the milblogs. But joining in the on-going scalp hunt, this is how the AP chose to frame those remarks *:

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The canary in the coal mine

Posted by lex, on August 1, 2006

Suddenly, in the wake of the Qana disaster, Israel’s war against Hizballah seems to be going badly. Whatever moral space was temporarily was ceded to the Jewish state by a generally anti-zionist Europe along with certain parts of the Arab Middle East more usually known for reflexive judenhasse has now seemingly evaporated. The Secretary of State looks ever more bedraggled with each foray into the diplomatic lion’s den – how  much of that could you take ? – while whatever shine once attached has come off the President’s well-earned reputation for stubbornness in defense of what he believes to be right. No one wants to hear it anymore, he is alone, or nearly so.

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Tip of the Hat to Buck Pennington

On our return to Casa De Sharon y Glenn, we stopped by the Vineyard on MCB Camp Pendleton. Among other things, I procured a couple of See Gars.
The Guinness was purchased shortly after leaving the gathering at Shakespeare’s.
The Missus said to maintain the same thing.
Buck Pennington gave me the idea to have a cigar, so I did.




Tonight I enjoyed both on the Verandah at Casa de Sharon y Glenn in California City.


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