Tempting, but no…

Posted by lex, on June 8th, 2007

Over at The Corner, Kate O’Beirne launches a tongue-in-cheek scheme:

Suppose President Bush had to go in for some elective surgery that necessitated anesthesia and, with his temporary executive authority, Dick Cheney pardoned Scooter Libby.  A grave injustice would be remedied and we could watch a massive breakout of  Paris Hilton’s symptoms on the Left.

As much fun as that might be to watch, it would be patently unjust. Dude perjured himself, a jury of his peers said so. Doesn’t matter why, or how wrong Wilson was. Lying to a grand jury is no way to rectify an injustice.

simple commutation of his prison sentence would suffice, so long as he pays the quarter mil in fines, selah.

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