Frozen North Travelogue – Day 2

By lex, on April 30th, 2007

It is, I believe, a virtual certainty that no one has ever live-blogged an Operations Analysis/Research conference. Especially after returning to the hotel from a night spent debauching one’s self while watch a pretty damn good blues band named “Brickhouse” at a deceptively scruffy looking place known as the Yale Hotel *. So, once again: Bleeding edge, etc.

The sorts and quality of other entertainment to be had at that hotel were legion, and suffice it to say that our merry group recovered to the hotel at 0200, having closed the place down in the company of a large number of new friends some thirty minutes earlier. Not one of whom was an OR conference attendee, apart from your humble scribe and his wingman, leading to the inevitable question:

Doesn’t anyone work anymore?

It was a hard slog, gentle reader, to lever one’s self out of the rack in time to make the 0730 continental breakfast, but sleeping in would have meant paying for it after – and we are already on notice that Certain Measures Toward Economizing will be necessary after viewing the howling void that is our wallet’s interior this morning – so it was time to cowboy up. The first couple of hours of symposium time – the lead speaker was the Chief Technology Officer from IBM – have left me feeling a little like the kid who was supposed to take a course in pre-Algebra but accidentally wandered in to the AP Calculus classroom instead: After having finally internalized the certainty that he is in the wrong classroom, he wrestles with the approach/avoidance conflict of drawing shameful attention by extricating himself from the situation against the fact that he is very probably being missed from the place he was actually meant to be. Frozen into an unaccustomed immobility, the knuckle-dragging fighter pilot guy gets through the ordeal by remembering his SERE training and observing to himself – quite casually – that a number of these math geek chicks are really, kind of, you know: Hot.

Intellectually stimulating I mean. Of course.

What did you think?


Update: After the obligatory rubber chicken luncheon, we’re heading to what promises to be one of the highlights of the conference: The use of decision analysis tools and operations analysis in modern combat. The lecture is to be delivered by a senior Army officer who also teaches at West Point – one of the top four or five federal military academies in the country.

This promises to be a corker!

Update 2: (15 minutes later) THUNK! ***Zzzzzzzzzz***

* 07-31-2018 Links Gone; no replacements found – Ed.

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