Heart breaking

April 24th, 2007 by lex


In my heart of hearts, I want to believe that all of the politicians that the American people have in their wisdom elected to offices of great national prominence have the best interests of the Republic at heart. That, while they may disagree from one side of the aisle to the other on the “how” of the national enterprise, the “what” is consistent. That we might disagree upon means but not ends. That the country comes first, especially in a time of war, especially beyond our borders.

This is a dream I have.

Sometimes it’s hard to sustain.

It’s hard to sustain when the Senate Majority Leader – a man who voted for the war in 2003 puts his finger to the breeze and declares the effort lost. Refuses, in fact, to hear evidence to the contrary. Who attempts to confuse people by quoting the forward general’s straightforward observation that the war “does not have a military solution,” as proof that any political solution can be attained withoutthe assistance of military power:  Counter-insurgency, stability and security operations. Don’t read the commentary, if it offends – just listen to what the man actually says in his video.

He cannot think us to be that stupid.

It’s hard to sustain when the Speaker of the House Majority Leaderfinds the time to criticize every last detail of the strategy and tactics of the fight our deployed forces are engaged in, but can’t find the time to listen to the forward commander when he returns to brief Congress on the strategy they confirmed him to execute. Schedule conflicts, you know. Important matters of state to attend to. Busy.

She cannot be serious.

It breaks my heart when an author who has much profited by the liberties of a free society turns that freedom into a weapon to assault a politician whose policies she merely disagrees with as a fascist, and labels the attempt to fight a battle thrust upon us as a shattering of our Constitution.  In a foreign newspaper. Being wrong at every step.

What words will we use when fascism really comes along, having spent these rounds in a partisan huff?

It makes my heart die within me to read that 9 US paratroops were killed executing the only strategy that promises any chance of future success – by leaving their cantonments and bedding down with the native security forces – because an exploitative enemy has seized upon their increased exposure to inject itself inside our political cycle, having been continuously rewarded for their previous efforts by a reflexively oppositional leadership class which is not merely confident of our defeat, but seemingly dedicated to it.

We have won the hearts and minds of the most resistant Sunni nationalists. We have reduced sectarian violence by death squad in the Iraqi capital by smothering them with surge operations, even though less than a third of the troops dedicated to the fight have joined it. We can fight and win against Al Qaeda.

We can do all these things. But how can our country win a war we are engaged in, when so many of our national eminences seem determined that we lose? Having earned our final disgrace, what kind of joy will these gray beings taste?

Ashes and dust, I should think.

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