C-130 Tanking


By lex, on February 22nd, 2010

The first and only time I ever tanked off a C-130J was supporting some reservists in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on a two-ship cross-country with one of my junior officer roomates. We were on the road for a training cross country with a reserve Tomcat squadron when we were handed the special instructions for a morning-long brawl between ourselves and the Turkeys. I suspect our squadron CO would have soiled himself if he’d have known.

We took great pains to ensure the skipper didn’t soil himself

Joining on the Marine C-130 together for simultaneous refuel, we both snuggled in to our respective baskets before wiggling our toes, relaxing our grips on the bakelite and peeking around outside. Which is when we saw how very close our wingtips were to each other.

Yeah. It was kinda like that.

Still. Free gas.

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