Brief conversation with myself when I was magically transported back to 1983

Posted by lex, on December 21, 2005


2005: Microsoft. Put every dollar you have into Microsoft. Borrow money to own this stock. Trust me.


2005: Sell everything you own and short the market in September 1987. And for God’s sake, get off the margin!


2005: Jump back in with both feet in November of that same year, after the crash. Microsoft again until the mid-90’s, then sell down to 10%. Buy Cisco, buy Qualcomm.


2005: Dump everything no later than January 2001. Trust me on this – people are going to say “it’s different this time.” It’s not. In 2002, ease back into cyclicals on the Dow, and avoid tech. Any questions?

1983: Dude – what happened to you?

2005: (Looks down) Oh, yeah. About that – how about laying off the desserts and second helpings?


2005: You greedy BASTARD!

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