Photo album

By lex, on March 4th, 2007

Was doing some spring cleaning in the garage, and this beat up old pic came up from out of the depths, like.

Photo Album

Two MK-84′s with M904 fuses a station 8 VER (and two on t’other side no doubt as well, or she’d be out of symmetry limits). AIM-9M on station 9, and the Great White Hope on station 6. Oh, drop tanks too, of course. It is a Hornet.

I just wonder who the kid is with cocky smirk and the head of dark hair.

On the back is written “Earnest Will, North Arabian Sea, July 1987.”

That was almost 20 years ago. Doesn’t seem possible.

Tech assist bleg: Also surfacing was the VHS tape displaying your correspondent’s experience * in the g-tolerance centrifuge at Warminster, PA. If I recall correctly, those images might provide us all with an entertaining moment or two. How best to digitize them?

*07-29-2018 Link added – Ed. 

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