Navy Football

By lex, on January 29th, 2010

The Navy Times has more on the USNA football player who received a reprieve after having popped positive for THC:

People with knowledge of the situation also said Curry already had three honor code violations before failing his drug test.

“This kid should’ve been kicked out a long time ago by anyone’s standards — and now he gets away with a failed drug test? It’s ridiculous,” one person told Navy Times.

Private correspondence with a mentor of mine illuminated a revealing mindset at Navy these days, to go along with the laser-like focus on “diversity” as the institution’s number one mission:

(Talked) to a guy today very much in the know who said that in his opinion, the Academy has evolved into an organization that values competence over character; e.g USNA values football competence in this case and will gloss over the MIDNs lousy character to keep those Alumni $$$$ flowing.

He’s pretty disgusted at the boneheaded things going on at USNA these days… apparently this is just one example of many.

His take on the a new USNA motto?

“We take the best of America’s youth and transform them from good to not so great”

He goes on:

Lots of folks out there who really do love the Navy (Army, Air Force, Marine Corps) who are concerned that we are in danger of losing our bearings, and failing to appreciate that those who serve are willing to lay it on the line to preserve fundamental liberties and fundamental values that have nothing to do with political affiliation and everything to do with the responsibilities required to live as citizens of a republic. This nation remains an experiment, not a given. It requires sacrifice …

As he writes, it comes down to a very simple question: “What do we value most? Competence or character? I’ve known lots of folks with competence and no character, but no one with character who was not also competent .”

Just so.

Academy spokesmen claim to believe on the flimsiest basis that the midshipman involved was handed a cigar laced with marijuana, a so-called “blunt” and smoked it unknowingly.

But even I – who have never smoked pot – know what it smells like. And even I know that athletes in training do not inhale deeply on a cigar and hold the breath to allow the tobacco smoke to more fully permeate the lung tissue.

As midshipmen we were taught to do the right thing, regardless of consequences. Today’s midshipmen are no doubt taught the same thing by an administration that refuses to do so when faced with unequivocal evidence of a crime.

Three honor violations (and, I’ve been privately informed, hundreds of conduct demerits), a failed drug test and an addled leadership make a toxic brew. Midshipman Curry ought to redeem his honor and that of the Naval Academy by resigning. He might  save a fine institution from further degrading itself, and I’m sure there are any number of colleges or universities that would be happy to provide him a full-ride scholarship. But he doesn’t belong there, it’s not right for him nor is he right for us.

Not in my Navy, as we used to say.

Failing that, the alumni should vote with their pocketbooks and stay at home come football season.

Because if the administration can’t do the right thing when it is staring them in the face, then it isn’t our school, any more.


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