Star Chamber

Posted By lex, on August 10th, 2011

Navy Captain Owen P. Honors fought for his country. Now he’s fighting for his career:

At issue is whether Honors should be administratively discharged from the Navy. He was fired as commanding officer of the Norfolk-based carrier Enterprise in January, after videos he made during his tenure as executive officer became public.

Honors has argued that the videos, which he broadcast for the ship’s crew, helped to boost morale. Among other things, they contained anti-gay jokes, shots of a subordinate dressed in drag, and scenes of sailors pretending to shower together, masturbate and perform rectal exams on each other.

The panel of admirals is tasked with determining whether Honors engaged in misconduct or substandard performance. It will make a recommendation as to whether Honors should stay in the Navy. If the panel recommends discharge, its members will also issue an opinion on whether Honors’ retirement pay grade should be reduced.

Final decisions will be made by the secretary of the Navy.

Captain Holly Graf, relieved from command of USS Cowpens for abusive behavior but permitted to retire in grade with a general discharge, could not be reached for comment.

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