Neptunus Lex: Humorous Navy Stories

To the Reader: As I was reposting Lex’s posts, I thought it would be nice to organize a few of my favorites by category for the new reader. You’ll probably find even more just going through the Best of index! 

Bill Brandt

12-01-2003     The Flight Physical

12-16-2003      USNA And Food Fights

01-19-2004     The Time Has Come, the Walrus said

01-27-2004     The Third Law Of The Navy

05-11-2004     Career Decision

06-28-2004    A Bad Reputation

08-19-2004     Foot In Mouth Disease

11-24-2004     Learning To Duck

02-02-2005    Maslow’s Hierarchy

02-09-2005    On Piddle Packs

03-27-2005    Pinkie

04-25-2005    Centrifuge Training

11-30-2005     Conversation with my steak, beans….

12-05-2005  So

12-14-2005  Emergency Sortie  (Part 2 is linked at bottom)

12-19-2005   Conv. between myself & the urinal during my urinalysis test

01-23-2006   Adversary Course – Miramar

03-12-2006   T.I.N.S.

03-18-2006    It Helps To Laugh

04-25-2006   Fixing The Internets

06-26-2006   Somebody else’s sea story   A story from SNO

09-05-2006    Blogging First 

09-19-2006    Mugger On Fire

10-11-2006    A brief conversation between your humble scribe & his Ambien

10-11-2006        Left-handed Compliments             Lex getting a physical at NSA Bahrain

12-29-2006     Bones

01-23-2007     Lower End Failure

03-10-2007     Sport

04-03-2007     Understanding The Culture

05-28-2007            The Weather? CAG says it’s “workable”

07-13-2007         Sadly, these have a ring of authenticity         Navy humor from Lex

09-13-2007          This is what we have to work with      Working with the Goat Locker

09-15-2007       Retention pitch       Why you should stay Navy

10-02-2007     A Cold War Story

10-03-2007     Cold War Stories, Part Deux

10-21-2007     Moe Debbinly

03-12-2008     Photo-Ex

04-04-2008         The Old Navy

12-11-2008         SITREP

01-21-2009        Sounds About Right

02-05-2009    The Perils of an  Electric Jet 

02-10-2009     The Chief

07-30-2009      Navy: Chicken, Road

10-19-2009     The Perils of Our Digital Age

02-13-2010     Rivalries

07-07-2010     Name Tags   

11-17-2010      Admission Against Interest

01-27-2011      Making A Difference

05-15-2011      Walking Gus

06-4-2011       Speechifying

07-19-2011     If By Whiskey

11-07-2011     Day Hop

12-06-2011     Rage-Ex


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