Mmmm. Fun.

By lex, Posted on October 24, 2005


You ever, you know: Get dirty?

There’s nothing quite it, is there? Sure, it can be risky of course, but a life entirely without risk gets pretty boring. And there’s just something very exciting about stretching yourself a bit, moving away from the comfortable and familiar. Finding a way up into places that are hard to reach. It can get pretty athletic too, so if you’re of a certain age, you’ve maybe got to worry about your heart. Unless you’ve got a good conditioning program going.

In which case, go for it.

Of course, there are some preachy moralists out there who insist that somehow you’re spoiling something pure and pristine, by pursuing your own pleasure in this way. They’d take all the fun out of anything, if we let them. So we shouldn’t. Let them, I mean.

No. There’s really only one reason not to – if you’re not careful, it can get pretty dern expensive. Afterwards, your significant other might take you to the cleaners.

But still, one can dream.

What? What did you think I was talking about?


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