The presence of greatness

By lex, on February 19th, 2007

Well, it must have been a slow news weekend because we got a link from Hizzoner * himself, which did marvelous things for our Sunday traffic so it did, an ordinarily sleepy day ’round these parts. But it also resurrected a golem who used to haunt the Milblogs premises, snarling non-sequiturs from the dunce stool. One Jadeg*ld. Some of you may recognize the handle.

He tracked back to my “democracies perish” post on his own blog. You can Google him if it serves you, see what he has to say. The Reader’s Digest version: He doesn’t entirely agree with my thesis. I’ve “vilified” Mr. Murtha. And quoted Revel and Steyn. If you can believe that. But after a moment’s reflection, I deleted the trackbacks and added his IP to the spam blacklist. Wrote him a nice note, letting him know he was wasting his time and mine too. I believe I’ve made myself clear on the article of trolls. I don’t sponsor ‘em.

I have to tell you, for a brief instant? I felt a momentary twinge of guilt. But then I realized, no: That was the baked bean side dish I had for lunch.

Easy mistake to make.

* 07-26-2018 Link Gone; no replacements found.  Hizzoner’s identity will forever be hidden but hey, it seemed like an interesting post!  It it is just my opinion that in giving the title, Lex was just a bit sarcastic.  – Ed.

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