Admin Notes

By lex, on April 7th, 2010

Your host is decamping for parts east over the next several. A vacation, like. Spring Break, and so on. He has every intention of going sinker over the intervening period.

You are cordially invited to talk amongst yourselves.

With the following important caveat:

I mentioned a few weeks back that the exigencies of full-time employment, not to mention the grateful volume of informed commentary here, has made it difficult for me to keep up. Posting quantity and quality have suffered, at least in my view. The first thing to go has been careful scrutiny of, and participation in, the dialogue which makes blogging so rewarding for the blogger.

One of the things I treasure about this site is the fact that we are all friends, even those I disagree with. It eases a tremendous burden when I find a comment inadvertently trapped in moderation, recognize the author and have the liberty to hit “approve” without having to scrutinize the content. You have no idea the things I have to read, and discard, so that you don’t have to.

But we have recently allowed our… passions to govern the quality and tenor of our discourse. I was rightly accused of being asleep at the switch while that happened.

Neither of those things will happen again. Please: You do your bit, or I’ll do mine.

I’m paying for this microphone.

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