Life as a suit, day 1


By lex, on June 16th, 2008

The good news is that our commute to work is shortened by a good 10 minutes, not counting traffic jams on the Coronado Bay Bridge. The other news is that your correspondent arrived in good cheer at time 0740, believing himself to be 20 minutes early, or in the worst case no more than 10 minutes late. Was nearly immediately sequestered into a “how we do” meeting that lasted until 0900. When the next meeting started with The Customer: My real boss, says the corporate ethos, and a Navy commander. Which meeting ran until 1000, putting us very nearly late for the 1030-1200 meeting. Which gave us scarcely enough time to purchase a salad for the 1300-1500 meeting. Which was followed by the afternoon re-education camp indoctrination session running to 1630ish. Upon which time your narrator decamped, thoughtful, if not entirely reduced in spirits. Because this whole, “Working for a living” gig?

It ain’t all that.

Although it beats that whole, “Still looking for paid work” thing all hollow.

Chanced across Son Number One at the gym after. Hisself having just finished the fourth year of a five year engineering program at the University of San Diego. One year to go, general education topics mostly, the hard electrical engineering sledding having already been completed. Working as an intern at General Atomics for twenty dollars to the hour. Looking forward to commissioning, service selection and the chance – there are no guarantees – but a chance, I say, to fly fighters off an aircraft carrier deck. While people like me go to meetings for hours on end to ensure that people like him can have gear that works as it ought to do and view that as the natural order of things. An entitlement, like.

How’d your day go, said hizzoner kindly.

Want to trade? came the game reply. Gamely.

I guess this is growing up.

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