Weekend wrap

Posted by lex, on December 8, 2007

Well, Thursday was the command holiday party and a good time was had by all to the extent that Friday was a day off. That permitted your correspondent to get his Class II FAA Flight Physical, the only barrier standing between himself and flying passengers for hire up, up in the burning blue. At all of 2500 feet.

Having just completed the preliminaries for a short form flight physical for the Navy – my last, he wrote thoughtfully – I feel qualified to say that the more you pay for, the less you get. Which is fine by me.

Published an Op-Ed at Military.com and learned not to read the comments following. Let’s just say they’re going to have to get used to me. Or I to them.

Received my first rejection letter from a literary agent:

The detail is great but I found the 2nd person wearying after awhile. I also feel it’s very much a niche book, ideal only for a military publisher. I do very little of that these days. This shows alot (sic) of talent but it didn’t quite click for me.

Paid the semi-annual Sandy Eggo property tax. Which I don’t want to talk any further about that except to say that the generosity of occasional reader Scott is both very much appreciated as well as being timely.

Also! Picked up the Hobbit and the Kat at the aerodrome, themselves having only just returned from Orlando and the Pop Warner National Cheer Championships, where our team covered themselves in glory, like, coming in at 5th place out of 17 teams selected to compete. Right glad I was to see them too, it had been that long what with your correspondent doing his grim duty to his country in Norfolk the week past, and themselves gallivanting all over Disneyland the week after.

Navy lost football coach Paul Johnson to Georgia Tech, which is a shame even if no particular surprise. Any coach that can eke out a 45-29 record using scholar/athletes is going to be an attractive proposition to well-heeled schools who only care about the back half of that construct. I wonder what West Point pays their football coach, by the way. Lots of people do.**

And then, while goofing around the web looking for video clips of Pearl Harbor and FDR’s speech to Congress on the following day – today, 66 years ago – I got sucked into a wee detour with iMovie HD and lost the next four hours of my life. It’s not a hard system to use – far from it – but it can be time-consuming.

[10-28-20 – Lex posted a YouTube link – probably on Roosevelt – that is now unavailable – Ed.]

Big party tonight, all the stars will be there. Eleven of them, to be precise. The rest of the weekend I suspect will be spent in thesis work.

Have a great weekend!

10-28-20 – Link gone; no replacement found – Ed.

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