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Posted by lex, on July 19, 2010



The Washington Post pushes it in their two-year expose. It’s interesting reading, to say the least. A long article that includes maps and searchable databases.

The thrust of the article is that the cloistered world of Top Secret organizations has grown rapidly since 9/11. Perhaps too rapidly, with too little oversight, too little coordination and producing too much information to successfully analyze. Thus we have Major Hassan going on his merry shooting spree down Texas way, and the underwear bomber neutering himself in flight, having successfully gotten past TSA, among a long list of other three letter agencies. And top secret government organizations hire more analysts, who in turn produce more data.

The Post insists that all of the information they have collated came from public sources. Having read the article at length, and browsed some of the related databases, I can’t decide if the whole thing is a necessary clearing of the air, or a terrible mistake. Or both.

One thing I’m pretty sure of, however: There are a lot of busy little bees at work today in Beijing, Moscow, Paris and Tel Aviv, among other places.


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