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Posted by lex, on August 14, 2006

In Yemen, an Islamic cleric jurist acquited 14 Yemenis and 5 Saudis from charges of waging jihad in Iraq in alliance with al Qaeda – charges, incidentally, whose basis the 19 defendants did not materially deny. His legal rationale?

“This does not violate (Yemeni) law,” presiding judge Ahmed al-Baadani said. “Islamic sharia law permits jihad against occupiers.”

Yemen is a US ally in the war on terror.

Foreign fighters, while not numerous in relative terms, are responsible for mayhem far out of proportion to their numbers in Iraq.

The majority of their victims are other Muslims.

The WSJ version of this story (behind the wall) concluded with a paragraph stating the judge’s ”shock” at the critical reception this novel interpretation aroused not only in the US embassy in Sana, but also among the members of his extended US family. Trying to see his decision from a US perspective, he asked –

“According to American law, isn’t it OK to fight with people of your own religion against the occupiers? I’d like to visit America to see how the US handles this issue.”

Well, I can save him a trip and let him know that we handle that particular conundrum by ah, not having a religion. Which is sort of what we’ve been on about, these last several.

Ask for a tourist visa, judge. We’ve got problems enough of our own already, and having a man of your evident perspicacity move in long term might just cause us to give up all hope.

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