One Reason The Internet Is A Hoot

I have mentioned others, but this evening I am watching a new series (for me) called Lilyhammer. It is a Norwegian production that Netflix has. It’s about an American mobster who, in exchange for testimony, is in the witness protection program and his choice of venue was….Lillehammer, Norway.(update: Norwegian spelling)

He is shaking a few things up in that quiet Norwegian town, settling wrongs and injustices the Brooklyn Mafia way.

He has opened this bar and started to really make it flashy. So he has amid the neon lights this girl band singing “Soul Salvation of Love“.

It has a nice beat, so I aim my new iPhone app Shazam at the TV – which digitizes the music then tells you what the title and group is.

In a rare instance, it is coming up blank.

I then key in these 4 words into Bing plus the trailing word “lyrics”.

I learn that is from a Girl Band called the Cocktail Slippers from Oslo, Norway.

I go to Amazon and after a quick search download an mp3 file of this for 99 cents. From a Norwegian band.

Can you imaginable just a few years past hearing a few words from an obscure (outside of Norway?) band and within a few minutes, finding the title and downloading it?

BTW something I have never understood – you listen to the typical band from the English speaking world and their lyrics are usually muddled. As my late aunt would say, “they sing like they have mush in their mouth”.

Listen to the Swedish group ABBA from the 70s, or this band, the Cocktail Slippers from Norway, and their lyrics are crystal clear.

As long as I am here, another hilarious Norwegian production on Netflex is Norsemen. Picture this band of hardy Vikings from 790 with 21st century attitudes.

Now, on to finding more Lex to re-post tomorrow.


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