Nine out of ten dictatorial autocrats agree:

Posted by lex, on January 5, 2007

Hanging ‘makes martyr of Saddam’

The circumstances of the hanging of Saddam Hussein have turned the former Iraqi leader into a martyr, Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak has said.

Mr Mubarak said the unofficial pictures that emerged of the event were revolting and barbaric.

Mr. Mubarak had no comment on the circumstances surrounding Saddam’s Anfal massacre of 180,000+ Kurds, nor did he choose to characterize the pictures * that emerged from that event.

“What,” the Egyptian president replied, “they were little people.”

He went on to say that he hoped cell phones would be banned from his own execution, when and if Egyptians were ever offered a truly democratic election process and unfettered access to the rule of law. Reached by phone, Kim Jong Il agreed. Nicolae Ceacescu and Pol Pot could not immediately be reached for comment.

09-22-20 – Link gone; new one found – Ed.

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